Incorporated June 1999
Revised June 2000, April 2006, November 2010

Article I – Name
Section 1
The name of the organization shall be Friends of the Lower Providence Community Library, Inc.

Article II – Mission Statement
Section 1
The purpose of the Friends of the Lower Providence Community Library is to support the mission, vision,
and philosophy of the Lower Providence Community Library. As a volunteer association of persons
committed to supporting the Lower Providence Community Library, the Friends serve as liaisons between
the community and the Library. The Friends will fulfill its purpose by conducting fund raising events,
community activities, and advocacy programs to focus positive public attention on library resources,
facilities, and services.

Article III – Membership
Section 1
Members. Membership in the organization shall be open to any individual, family, association,
organization, or corporation interested in supporting the mission of the organization.
Section 2
Classification. To be considered an Active Member and be entitled to voting privileges, an individual
must attend at least one meeting per calendar year. An individual or group will no longer be
considered as Active Members if they fail to meet this requirement.
Section 3
Voting privileges. Active Members, either an individual member or one representative of a family
or business/organization, shall be entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote at any
meeting of the members.

Article IV – Meetings
Section 1
Regular meetings will be held monthly on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Library
unless otherwise notified.
Article IV – Meetings (continued)
Section 2
All members may attend and participate in monthly meetings. Copies of the minutes will be sent via
email if an email address is provided. Mailed copies of the minutes will be sent to a member if
Section 3
Special meetings of the organization may be called upon request of the Executive Board.
Section 4
Quorums. The members present at any regularly scheduled meeting shall constitute a quorum for the
transaction of any business that properly comes before the meeting. The acts of a majority of the members
present shall be the acts of all members, except that which affects the organization’s assumption of liability
in excess of the organization’s current assets less outstanding obligations, and the dissolution of the
organization which shall require the approval of ¾ of the members present.

Article V – Executive Board
Section 1
The Executive Board shall consist of elected officers.
Section 2
The Executive Board shall have the power in emergency situations to meet and make decisions on behalf of
the organization by a simple majority vote of those attending. In case of a tie, the President shall cast the
deciding vote. For monetary decisions of $500 or more, an emergency vote of the membership must
be taken via e-mail, telephone, or written proxy forwarded to the library.
Section 3
The Director/Head Librarian of the Lower Providence Community Library shall serve as an ex-officio
member without voting privileges of the Executive Board.
Section 4
Any decisions made by the Executive Board outside of a regularly scheduled monthly meeting shall be
submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary at the following month’s meeting and become part of the
official minutes of the organization.

Article VI – Officers/Duties/Nominations/Elections/Terms of Office
Section 1
The offices of President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary
shall be held for one-year terms. The same person may hold no office for more than three consecutive
terms. Terms may be extended if circumstances warrant. Offices and duties are described below.

A. President: to preside over and conduct meetings of the members and of the Board of
Directors, to appoint committees and to be an ex-officio member of all committees except
the nominating committee; the President shall be elected by a majority vote of the
membership present at elections.

B. Vice President: to perform the duties of the President in the absence of the
President and to assist the President as requested.
C. Recording Secretary: to take attendance and minutes at all meetings of the
members and the Board of Directors, to send meeting notices and copies
of the minutes to all active Friends members; and to present a written copy
of the monthly minutes at each monthly meeting.
D. Corresponding Secretary: to be responsible for sending social notes and general
correspondence as a representative of the Friends.
E. Treasurer: to keep and maintain the records of the checking account; collect incoming
revenue, make all payments and other disbursements, and maintain accurate records of
the Friends treasury.

Section 2
There will be a nomination committee consisting of at least two and up to three members of the
organization as appointed by the President one month prior to the annual election. This committee will
present the proposed slate of officers the night of the election. Nominations from the floor will be accepted
at that time.
Section 3
Officers of the Friends shall be elected in June of the current year by a written ballot and assume office on
July 1. A majority of the vote cast shall constitute an election.
Section 4
The President shall appoint an Auditor, Membership Chairperson, Publicity Chairperson, Teen Advisory
Board Chairperson and Used Book Sale Chairperson for a similar term length (one year). The same person
may hold no office for more than three consecutive terms. However, terms may be extended if
circumstances warrant.

A. Auditor: shall check the books and expenditures for both the Friends and Teen
Advisory Board and report in April.
B. Membership Chairperson: establish and maintain a roster of all members of the
Friends organization and encourage new members to join.
C. Publicity Chairperson: shall actively pursue publicity for the Friends by submitting
information to the newspaper and television stations, placing flyers for special events,
and acting as a spokesperson for the group when necessary. The chairperson shall also
act as the organization’s historian by recording activities and events with photographs
and documentation. The chairperson will also communicate with the library’s website
coordinator to keep the library website and Facebook page updated.
D. Book Sale Chairperson(s): It shall be the responsibility of this person(s) to maintain
the used book sale area and respond to any concerns of the Library Director
concerning this endeavor.
E. Teen Advisory Board Chairperson: Acts as the liaison between the students and the
Library/FOL. Chairperson will set up monthly meetings, aid in the internet sale of
used books, and serve as an advisor in other library volunteer matters with the
students. Chairperson will also act as the Treasurer for the special “TAB” bank
account, which is affiliated with the “FOL” bank account.

Section 5
Only one person shall hold an executive office and a person can only hold one office at a time.
Section 6
Attendance at all meetings by the officers is mandatory. Unexcused absences in excess of five will
constitute removal from office.
Section 7
Any person serving as an officer shall be required to have been a participatory member of the Friends for at
least ten months prior to the nomination and subsequent election.
Section 8
Should vacancies occur due to resignation, relocations, etc., special elections should be held at the next
monthly meeting.

Article VII – General Funds and Liability
Section 1
General funds shall be deposited to the master account of the Friends of the Lower Providence Community
Library, Inc. and shall be dispensed by the Treasurer upon the authorization of the President and/or
Section 2
An Auditor elected/appointed by the Executive Board shall audit the books of account at the end of the
calendar year.

Article VIII – Amendments
Section 1
These by-laws may be amended upon recommendation of the Executive Board at any meeting of the
membership, after notification in writing to each active member at least 14 days before the meeting at
which the voting is to take place.

Article IX – Dissolution
Section 1
In the event of dissolution of the Friends of the Lower Providence Community Library, Inc. all assets shall
become the property of the Lower Providence Community Library.